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Cover Board Paper Image: Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Policy Paper: Accelerating EU industry competitiveness: Paving the way for the next policy cycle

EPICO published a new strategy paper outlining 6 recommendations to strengthen the EU’s economic and energy sectors. The paper is personally supported by politicians, heads of companies and associations, leading economists, trade unions, and NGOs from EPICO’s Advisory Board.

The new legislative cycle provides a historic opportunity to focus on the implementation of the European Green Deal and elaborate a competitive industrial agenda.

In view of the electoral success of climate-critical parties and the increasing pressure from the USA and China, decisive action and innovative solutions are needed. The EU now needs to engage in a forward-looking discussion about its future role in the global race for green industrial leadership and outline a clear strategy for achieving this goal.

A "business as usual" approach to the Green Deal is not enough. We need less overregulation and more pragmatism and strategy in order to compete internationally.

Key recommendations include:

  1. Scaling up the internal market;
  2. Enhancing effective integration for the energy transition;
  3. Think local, act European: Innovate energy infrastructure;
  4. Pushing the boundaries: Global collaboration for industrial decarbonisation;
  5. EU lead markets: Create definitions and transform public procurement;
  6. Structuring the EU’s industrial hydrogen uptake;

The recommendations call on the EU to complement the Green Deal with market- and supply-oriented approaches and integrate climate targets into a competition and growth-oriented strategy.

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