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Design Sprint Workshop: CCS in the manufacturing sector

On October 17 and 18, the third design thinking workshop of this year's Policy Accelerator for Climate Innovation took place at Maschinenhaus Berlin. The two-day workshop, which focused on the future of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) in Germany, made an important contribution to the intensive discussion and in-depth exploration of the acceptance and implementation of this pioneering CO2 reduction technology.

The event brought together a group of experts from business and politics, including Dr. Anne-Mette Cheese, Country Manager & H2 Denmark at Wintershall DEA, Carolin Boßmeyer, Head of Liaison Office Berlin at Heidelberg Materials, Oscar Schily, Policy Analyst at Climeworks, Arndt Ulland, Trade Commissioner Clean Technologies at the Embassy of Canada, Directorate C - Climate Strategy, Governance and Emissions from Non-Trading Sectors at the European Commission, and Oliver Grundmann, Member of the Bundestag CDU/CSU.

The participants of the workshop came to promising conclusions that raise expectations for the role of CCS in reducing CO2 emissions in Germany. In the discussions, it was strongly emphasized that government support and clear guidelines are crucial to involve the general public in the process and to promote social acceptance of CCS. Close cooperation between science and society was seen as essential in order to achieve Germany's ambitious climate targets.

Our special thanks go to Eadbhard Pernot, Policy Manager Carbon Capture at Clean Air Task Force, who acted as content partner for this important event, as well as the Accelerator Team, consisting of Luisa Keßler, Policy Advisor, Sustainable Hydrogen Economy at Bellona Germany, and Matthias Poralla, Consultant at Perspective Climate Group.

The output of the workshop will be published in a policy brief and presented at our event Demo Day on 30 November.

PA CCS Image: EPICO KlimaInnovation

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