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Tagesspiegel Background on EPICO: Gas price proposals for scarcity and shortage

Even though gas prices have recently been reduced, a regulatory response from the European Union to address price peaks and possible supply bottlenecks is urgently needed. Tomorrow, Tuesday 17 October, the European Commission plans to publish its proposal.

EPICO KlimaInnovation published a paper to assess potential measures. It looks at the pros and cons of the main proposals based on five criteria:

  1. Security of supply: ensuring that enough gas flows and it is used sparingly
  2. Consumer protection: consumers' bills go down
  3. Distribution: gas reaches the consumers who need it most
  4. Cost: EU member states will not be overly burdened financially
  5. Implementation: the measure can be implemented quickly and efficiently

Read the full article in German in the Tagesspiegel Background.

To access the EPICO Policy Paper, click here.