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25.06.2021: Successful mid-term of the Policy Accelerator Climate Innovation

Robin Reh

In the midst of an intense last week of sessions in the German Bundestag, MPs Andreas Jung (CDU), Dieter Janecek (Greens) and Dr Lukas Köhler (FDP) did not miss the opportunity to attend the presentation of the mid-term results of the Policy Accelerator for Climate Innovation by EPICO KlimaInnovation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

In between the roll-call votes on the Climate Protection Act and the Nature Conservation Act, the 40 experts of the Accelerator met with the three MPs, challengers and advisory board members of EPICO and various guests from business, science, politics and civil society to discuss the mid-term results.

Over the last two months, we have developed four specific elements for climate innovation. The first element provides proposals for a transparent electricity market that makes green electricity identifiable at all times and creates an incentive for the use of flexibility. The second area dealt with the use of digitalisation, e.g. in the form of a digital CO2 residential passport, to make energy indicators of buildings and thus progress in climate protection comprehensible and to promote incentives for the renovation of existing buildings. In the field of hydrogen, the experts looked, among other things, at the advantages of a central hydrogen coordination office, i.e. a one-stop shop for hydrogen products. A main focus was the work on CO2 pricing in order to formulate guidelines for the political implementation of a CO2 pricing with a real steering effect and social compensation at the same time.

After the summer break, the Accelerator will start its second half with this concrete impact - with further exciting topics and familiar and new faces, the results of the first round will be supplemented and deepened. Last but not least, they are an offer and a call to the next federal government to consistently advance climate innovation. We look forward to exciting discussions and further joint work on innovative concepts that can be implemented.