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Consultative Stakeholder Workshop: Forging the Future: Horizons for Steel Decarbonisation

On 19 and 20 March 2024, EPICO KlimaInnovation hosted a consultative stakeholder workshop on “ Forging the Future: Horizons for Steel Decarbonization ” in Brussels. Through this workshop, EPICO convened diverse stakeholders to address issues that need to be placed higher on the EU agenda.

The event, a new format for EPICO, brought together experts from EU institutions, industry, business associations, NGOs, think tanks, and academia. High-level keynote speakers, such as Henrike Hahn MEP , Peter Liese MEP , Ruud Kempener (DG ENER) , and Gokce Mete (Vattenfall) , offered inspiring insights that set the tone for the discussions.

The workshop featured four focused sessions, each introduced by experts on key areas crucial for the transition to low-carbon steel. Topics included the transformation of the steel sector with renewables, hydrogen, and a socially just transition, with contributions from Joana Fonseca, Ysanne Choksey, Federico Donà, and Frank Düssler .

Another session addressed the creation of lead markets and green public procurement, featuring insights from Eileen Torres Morales, Christophe Yvetot, and Gerhard Endemann .

The topics of circular economy and material efficiency were explored by Daniel Pietikäinen, Fausto Zaccaro, and Joren Verschaeve , while a discussion on the international dimension of steel sector decarbonization was kickstarted by inputs from Åsa Ekdahl, Lidia Tamellini, Sebastian Oberthür, and Hilton Trollip .

The workshop underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in driving the steel industry towards a low-carbon future, highlighting the need for policies that support this transition, the role of energy and materials, market development, and the creation of a strong business case for low -carbon steel.

EPICO KlimaInnovation's commitment to advancing decarbonization efforts in the steel sector will materialize in a publication with policy recommendations which will be published this summer.

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