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Publication: EU Hydrogen Diplomacy in Africa and the Middle East: A Just Regional Energy Transition

A major part of the EU's strategy for a renewable energy transition is dedicated to green hydrogen, with expected consumption to reach 20 million tonnes by 2030. To meet the foreseen demand, half will be imported from third countries. The publication "EU Hydrogen Diplomacy in Africa and the Middle East: A Just Regional Energy Transition" comprise four policy briefs investigating potential hydrogen-partners to the EU in Africa and the Middle East from a perspective on a just regional energy transition.

The Publication is the result of a call for policy briefs on EU hydrogen diplomacy strategies vis-à-vis third countries, launched earlier this year by EPICO and the Iberdrola Energy and Climate Chair at the College of Europe. The call was open to applications from students and alumni of the College of Europe, and diplomats from the Diplomatic Academy and the policy-briefs were evaluated by a high-level review board.

In the publication you find the policy briefs:

  1. Powering a Global Just Transition: Fostering Socio-Ecological Justice in the EU's Green Hydrogen Partnership with Morocco By Stefanie Schäfer and Jonas Meuleman
  2. EU Hydrogen Diplomacy vis-à-vis the Eastern Mediterranean
    By Anna-Loreen Mondorf
  3. Unlocking Cooperation with the Southern Neighborhood on Renewable Hydrogen
    By Ana Valverde
  4. An EU Strategy: Unlocking the Potential of Green Hydrogen Production in Southern and Eastern Africa
    By Marco Valenziano

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