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Piloting the Climate Club: A Sectoral Alliance for Steel

On 27 and 28 September 2023, the second Design Sprint Workshop of the Policy Accelerator for Climate Innovation 2023 "Piloting the Climate Club: A Sectoral Alliance for Steel" was held in Brussels. Here we dove into how the Climate Club could be designed to decarbonise the steel sector through international cooperation.

In the workshop, challenges and potential design options were identified by a diverse team of experts : Heiner von Lüpke, Research Associate at DIW Berlin (Content Partner), Max Åhman, Associate Professor at Lund University, Samuel Flückiger, Head of EU Climate Policy at thyssenkrupp steel, Simon Otto, Project Researcher at Brussels School of Governance, Åsa Ekdahl, Head of Environment and Climate Change at World Steel Association and Parul Kumar, Senior Policy Specialist Environment at EPICO KlimaInnovation.

The expert-team's ideas were then further developed with inputs from "Challengers": Kurt Vandenberghe, Director-Gerneral at DG CLIMA, European Commission, Francisco Javier Ulloa Muñoz, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Chile in Germany, Parth Kumar, Programme manager for the Industrial Pollution Unit, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, and Karin Jancyková, Programme Manager for Climate and Energy, Multinational Development Policy Dialogue at Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The output of the workshop will be published in a policy brief and presented at our event Demo Day on 30 November.

Workshop Image: EPICO KlimaInnovation